Discount Home Repair – How to repair your property on the Cheap!

Discount Home Repair is essential when repairing a Sheriff Sale Property! Repairing any property can be overwhelming, but with a Sheriff Sale property (Tax Sale Property), you never know the exact extent of repairs until AFTER the purchase the property! You may find out that the repairsfar exceedyour initial estimation. Part of this cannot be avoided because of the nature of the sale, but repairing your property using the “discount home repair” method will go a long way in keeping profits on track!

Below is a list of several different strategies to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. I would encourage you to try not just one, but all of these strategies that apply to you! With Discount Home repair, each strategy will add an additional layer of savings!

  • Do-It-Yourself – Are you handy with tools? If you are capable, and only if you are capable, do the projects yourself! This will be your biggest money saver! If you have no experience with this but would like to learn, hire a contractor, but stay on site. Observe, do clean up, ask questions – a lot can be learned from others! This is the greatest money saver in Discount Home Repair!
  • Demolition and Salvage Stores – Especially if you are planning on renting your property, think twice before buying all new materials! Toilets, cabinets, wood flooring, appliances, sinks – pretty much everything you can think of – can be purchased from salvage and demolition stores at a fraction of the price! Remember, a renter is probably not going to pass up your property just because a dishwasher has a scratch, and most likely, if it is perfect, it will NOT be perfect for the next renter anyway! A rental home does not have to be perfect. This is the second greatest savings in Discount Home Repair! Locate the Salvage and Demolition stores near you!
  • Discounted Gift Cards – It may sound crazy, but yes, discount gift cards are the way to go! You can purchase Home Depot Gift Cards for approximately 7% – 9% below face value on the internet gift card sites! These sites resell unused gift cards that others do not want. TAKE ADVANTAGE!This is an immediate savings right off the top of your bill before even exploring bulk purchasing! Be sure to buy from a large, reputable site and to verify an expiration date, but you will not be disappointed. Some popular sites include: Plastic Jungle, Gift Card Granny
  • Reward Cards – Most all stores now have reward programs! Take advantage! Home Depot’s, for example, offers you an automatic 2% discount once you rack up 5000 points (or have spent $5000) with them on all future purchases. Two percent may not sound like much, but it will add up in the end!
  • Bulk Purchases – If you will be doing repairs yourself, plan ahead and save a bundle! If you plan out all the supplies for your project in advance and take your complete list to one of the big home repair stores like Home Depot, you will find many have a bulk purchase discount. Home Depot, for example, has what the call the “Bid Room”. If your supplies will exceed $5000 (and if you are buying flooring, windows, doors, etc., they may well!!), you can visit the “Pro Desk” located in the store and submit your list to them. They will input it into the computer and within minutes, the computer will “make you an offer”. The suggested price for all of these supplies will be discounted varying amounts based on the store’s profit margin, but I am told the average discount ranges anywhere from 5% to 40%!!! I have never seen a 40% discount, but my representative there assures me that he has! What is the catch? You do have to purchase all the supplies up front, but if you know you will use them in the next 3 months and have an empty home in which to store them, why not?

Still not convinced?? Consider this….. Once you put all these discounts together, here is what you may save:

Savings Example::

$20,000 ORIGINAL BID from a Contractor – ($12,000 materials, $8,000 labor)

**You decide to do the work yourself with minor help – (Now, $12,000 materials, $3000 labor)

**You buy half your materials ($6000) at a Salvage store saving $3000 – (Now, $9000 materials, $3000 labor)

**You buy the second half of your materials at Home Depot from the Bid Room saving 10% on the remaining $6000 (Now, $8400 materials, $3000 labor)

** You use discounted gift cards to make the purchase at Home Depot saving another 7% on the Bid Room purchase! (Now, $8022 materials and $3000 labor)

$11,022 – FINAL BILL – a savings of $8,088!!

Clearly, the greatest SINGLE savings ($5,000) came from doing much of the work yourself, but the remaining savings ($3978), came from savvy shopping and educated purchases!

Discount Home Repair works and it will save you a bundle!