Harris Sheriff Auction – Phone Numbers, Websites and addresses

The Harris Sheriff Auction is part of the Houston Sheriff Auction which is one of the largest Sheriff auctions in Texas! Houston is divided into eight primary counties with each county conducting its own Sheriff/Tax Sale and each producing its’ own tax sale list.

Information Phone Number – (713) 368-2727

Who Conducts the Sale? – Constable

Property List – Newspaper Ads

Newspaper – Daily Court Review (Daily Court Review On-line)

Commonly Asked QuestionsHarris Website

Property Search / Appraisal District – HCAD

Location of Sale  – Harris County Family Law Center, 1115 Congress Street, Houston, TX

Time of Sale – 10:00:00 AM – 4:00pm

Subscription for updates? Yes

Registration? on-line or at Harris County Tax Office

Law Firms

Tax Assessor-Collector

Address: 100 Preston – Houston TX 77002

Phone: 713-368-2727 (Special Tax Services Department)

Website: Harris Website

Because Harris County runs one of the largest Sheriff’s Sales, you need to arrive early. Note: Although, by law, you are required to obtain your written proof of “No Taxes Owed” before making a purchase at a tax sale and even though, on the county’s website, they confirms this practice, I have been told that not all counties in Houston practice this. My advice is to go to the County Tax Assessor/Collector’s office and inquire about this in person several weeks before the sale to confirm this.