Brazoria Sheriff Auction – Auction Sale Details

Brazoria County does not hold a Brazoria Sheriff Auction very often simply because they do not have enough properties to sell. However, when they do conduct a sale, the process is the same as any other Sheriff Auction except that the time of day changes each sale and is specific to the property being sold.

Brazoria, although not offering a long tax sale list of properties, does offer a competitive advantage! Because all tax sales are conducted on the first Tuesday of the month, bidders must choose between attending the Brazoria Sheriff Auction and other County Tax sales. If there is a property in Brazoria in which you are interested, it is likely that there will not be nearly as much competition for the property as in other counties as most people will choose to go to the sale offering more opportunities!

The following information is available on Sheriff Sales in Brazoria:

Information Phone Number – (979)849-5059

Who Conducts the Sale? – Constable

Property List – Newspaper Ads and on the Legal Website for Perdue Brandon Law Firm

Newspaper – West Columbia Brazoria County News

Newspaper Ads on-line? – Yes!

Link to Ads for Brazoria Tax Sale

Commonly Asked Questions

Property Search / Appraisal District


Location of Sale Brazoria County Courthouse, Angleton Texas (corridor outside room 108)

Time of Sale– Specific to each sale – Time will be noted on each property notice.

Method of Payment – Cash, Cashier/s Check or Personal Check with a letter of guarantee from your bank!

Subscription for updates? No

Registration? – Yes! Required TEN DAYS in advance! See the county tax accessor/collector to register

Law Firms Perdue Brandon

Perdue Website

Tax Assessor-Colletor

Address: West Annex – 451 N. Valasco – Angleton TX 77515Phone: (979) 864-1320

Website: Brazoria Website

In Brazoria, you can print copies of the property notices at computer terminals located in the east annex building at 124 E. Mulberry, Room 152, Angleton, TX 77515. Because they do not have sales very frequently, it would be wise to check at the courthouse once a month to see if they anticipate a sale the following month. Making friends with a clerk in the office would be advantageous! If all else fails, move on to another county. Because Houston boasts some of the largest Sheriff Sales in Texas, surely there are other counties that will offer promising prospects!