Zillow – One of your Best Resources for Assessing Property Values!

Zillow is a free, on-line resource that reports home values from across the country to the public. Information is reported to the website by realtors is also gathered by the website from public databases. It then uses all the information to compare and form its’ own interpretation of the data. How do I Effectively Use … Read more

Who Should Buy at Tax Sales?

Not everyone! Those who should buy at tax sales are not typical real estate investors. Tax sales appear appealing at first glance because they offer the opportunity to purchase property at a fraction of the value. That being true, why shouldn’t everyone want to take advantage of this great opportunity? Answer: Tax Sale properties come … Read more

Tax Sale Resale Property – What Laws Apply?

Tax Sale Resale Property refers to property that has gone through the Tax Sale or Sheriff Sale process, but was not sold. This property was “struck off” which means that the taxing entity that foreclosed on the property has taken possession of the Sheriff’s Deed for the property and is the legal owner of the … Read more

Texas Tax Sale List – County by County

A Tax Sale List is the list of Tax Foreclosure Properties (properties foreclosed upon due to non-payment of property or county taxes) which will be sold to satisfy property and county tax liens at a Sheriff’s Sale or Constable’s Sale. There are several different methods for obtaining a these lists and the method which you … Read more

Tax Lien Sales – Know the Differences State to State!

Tax Lien sales differ from state to state DRASTICALLY! A state like Texas sells Tax Deeds where the buyer purchases and receives the actual property, but other Tax Lien Sales are actually selling the “liens” and not the properties. In these states, a purchaser will not be the owner of the property, but is actually … Read more

Securing Tax Lien Property – Taking Possession!

Securing Tax Lien Property can be tricky! The law is unclear as to what you are allowed to do! You have won your property and you are excited to take over your purchase! Definitely, go to your property as soon as possible and take an assessment of the situation. Is anyone living there? Of course, … Read more

Tax Sale Registration – Where do I go and What do I do?

Tax Sale Registration begins with registering to bid on the tax auction. Not all counties require this step and you must check with your individual county to know if this step is required. For easy reference, I have included this information for most counties on your County Reference Page at the bottom of the page. … Read more