Harris Sheriff Auction – Phone Numbers, Websites and addresses

The Harris Sheriff Auction is part of the Houston Sheriff Auction which is one of the largest Sheriff auctions in Texas! Houston is divided into eight primary counties with each county conducting its own Sheriff/Tax Sale and each producing its’ own tax sale list. Information Phone Number¬†– (713) 368-2727 Who Conducts the Sale? – Constable … Read more

Brazoria Sheriff Auction – Auction Sale Details

Brazoria County does not hold a Brazoria Sheriff Auction very often simply because they do not have enough properties to sell. However, when they do conduct a sale, the process is the same as any other Sheriff Auction except that the time of day changes each sale and is specific to the property being sold. … Read more

Montgomery Sheriff Auction

The Montgomery Sheriff Auction is one of eight major Sheriff Sales held in Houston. It is held once a month on the first Tuesday of each month. They only use three law firms to represent their properties in Montgomery, so although I will list where the properties will be advertised (done so by law), consulting … Read more

Corpus Christi Tax Sales Contact Information

Corpus Christi Tax Sales are divided into three main counties – the Aransas County, the San Partricio County and the Nueces County. Each sale acts independently and they are conducted on the same day and usually conducted at the same time of day. For this reason, you need to select the area of town which … Read more

Galveston Sheriff Auction Information

Galveston holds the Galveston Sheriff Auction each month on the first Tuesday of the month. Like all Houston Sheriff Auctions, it can be large and overwhelming, so it is advised that you go and watch a sale before actually participating in one. This section will give you specific information needed to navigate this sale including … Read more