Free List of Foreclosure Properties – Where to Access Bank Foreclosure Listings free of Charge!

Looking for a free list of foreclosure properties? Ironically, these lists are free if you know where to look! Below is a list of choices you can choose between in order to organize your list. The determining factor will be the amount of effort you wish to spend.

  1. Services – There are many services that, for a monthly fee will send you the listings and others that will provide them for free if you register for their services. If you are looking for a free list of foreclosure properties, this is primarily where they are located!
  2. Lender Databases– There are also websites for each lender that have searchable databases of all properties held by that lender.
  3. Real Estate Agents – What no one seems to want to say is that all these homes tend to be listed with a real estate agent and are available on MLS. So, you can search the individual databases, and I will list those databases below, but the easiest way to invest in Bank Owned Homes for Sale is to find a trusted realtor that specializes in Bank Repo Homes. They make it their business to stay on top of new listings and let their clients know when new listings that fit their parameters become available. For the best realtors in your area specializing in foreclosures as voted by your peers, click HERE

Bank REO Websites

Despite the fact that all the homes currently owned by banks would be listed with a realtor, what will NOT be listed with a realtor or listed on Bank Foreclosure Listings would be homes that are in default of their loans and are about to go into foreclosure, but have not gone there yet. These homeowners can often be contacted and homes can be sold to AVOID foreclosure. Many of these listings are by a subscription only, but many others can be located at the following link:

Pre-Forelosure Home Listing

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