Sheriff Sale Resources

Texas Sheriff Sale Resources fall primarily into three categories – Books, Courses and Professional Advice (attorneys).

Books – The market is flooded with books on real estate investing and to a lesser degree on Sheriff Sales. If you want information on a subject, all you have to do is look. Finding specifically Sheriff Sale Resources in the way of books is not as easy. The problem is that getting information does not necessarily mean getting ACCURATE information. Anyone can write and self-publish a book and there is no governing body to guarantee accuracy! To make this even more challenging, accurate information for one state is not necessarily accurate information for another state!

How to Buy Real Estate at Foreclosure Auctions – There is only one book on Sheriff’s Sales that I recommend. It is How to buy Real Estate at Foreclosure Auctions by Marc Sherby. I purchased this book (along with dozens of others) many years ago and it is the only book to which I still constantly refer! If you are going to invest in Tax Foreclosure Properties, you should read and study this book first! For purchase information, click here. this book first!

Home Repair and Remodel Cost Guide – This book, also recommended by Marc Sherby, is an excellent resource for those unfamiliar with repair costs. It is state, city and even zip code specific on costs. It is imperative for estimating home repair costs before you bid! Once you have repaired several homes, you may find you rely on it less and less, but there will still be times when it is a handy resource. For purchase information, click here.

Courses – Other Sheriff Sale Resources include courses you can purchase and attend and, as with books, there is no shortage of courses available in Real Estate Investing. however, courses are expensive. The information available in courses is also available in books, but I realize that everyone learns differently. If you cannot learn from reading and are better able to absorb information from a course, by all means, take a course. Personally, I have never taken a course so I am hesitant to recommend any one in particular.

Iphone Apps – Iphone apps can be an asset for researching, analyzing and selling any property, but especially those that have been purchased on foreclosure – whether from a bank or from a Sheriff Sale! These properties often do not have a clear value. This link provides reviews of investment apps including real estate locating apps, investment analysis apps and mortgage calculators. To view the apps or suggest one of your own, click here.

Property Tax Attorneys – One of the best Sheriff Sale Resources – if you can locate one – is a Property Tax Attorney specializing in Property tax foreclosure sales in Texas. Although the Property Tax Code is discussed on this website, in books and in courses, there will still be times when you must consult an attorney for specific issues. Finding an attorney that specializes in Property Tax Foreclosure law specifically as it is related to Sheriff Sales is challenging. It is a very specialized field. Although there may be others that specialize in this field, there is one that clearly stands out in Texas – Jim Bellevue. Mr. Bellevue is the author of the 2009 amendment to the Texas Property Tax Code, so he clearly is well versed in the Tax Code Law!

If there are other attorneys that visitors would like to be included on this list, please contact me or have the attorney contact me!

Realtors – Although a realtor is not needed to purchase a home at a tax or Sheriff Sale, one is often needed to sell the home after repairs are made. When buying a bank owned foreclosure, an experienced realtor in foreclosures is a real asset. For a list of realtors specializing in foreclosures, or to add the name of a realtor you would recommend, please click here.